Environmental pest control services

imagesEnvironmental service pest control Phoenix AZ  is one of the companies that can help you keep your home pest free. Such companies work to remove any insect or other common pest from your home through environmentally safe ways. Here are some common pests that this type of company removes.

One common pest that pest control companies remove is cockroaches. There are many different kinds of cockroaches. These include the Brown-Banded,German, Oriental,Madagascar Hissing, and Smokey-Brown cockroaches. Cockroaches are very easy to identify. Their length is around 2 inches and they have two antennae, six legs, and a few species of cockroaches have wings. These pests enter your home through pipes, cracks, vents, and many other ways. It is important to call your pest control service right away since Cockroaches reproduce really fast. These insects can cause allergic reactions from their droppings as well as their skin.

Ants are a common pest for many homeowners. There are many different species including Carpenter, Field, Fire, Argentine, and Harvester ants. Ants enter your living space through really tiny openings outside. Quickly getting rid of the ants you see in your home is really important because their colonies can hold up to five hundred thousand ants. They can live over seven years.

Rodents are another pest that often live inside people’s homes. Rodents are mammals that have large front teeth that make it easy to chew on things. It’s important to remove rodents from your home because they can transmit disease and viruses. They transmit these through their urine and feces.

Fleas are a nasty pest that often live inside homes of pets. They come in through attaching themselves to the skin of pets. Fleas are around two and a half millimeters long and are their color is reddish brown. They feed off of mammals such as dogs and humans. Once a flea lays an egg its hatches very quickly. It only takes two days to do so.

Ticks are around one centimeter long and are a common pest. There are many different kinds of ticks such as the Lone Starant-facts and American Dog tick. These pests live off the blood of mammals such as humans, dogs, and cats. They also feed off of reptiles and birds. It’s important to get rid of any tick infestation as quickly as possible. This is because ticks can transmit Lime disease to it’s host.

Bed bugs are a nasty pest that are reddish brown in color and are flat. They eat only blood which they get from all types of hosts including humans. They can survive up to one year without eating if they are in a cool environment. There are many signs that you may have an infestation. These include actually seeing the bugs, seeing the skin they shed, and bed bug feces.

These are just some of the common pests that pest control companies remove. If you have seen any of these in your home its best to call and get them removed. You will be glad you did.